Thursday, 21 May 2015

What next for Tommy Elphick?

There has been one face that AFCB fans have seen in the past couple of weeks more than most. Tommy Elphick has rightly been in huge demand for appearances since he has lifted the Sky Bet Championship Trophy at Charlton. His pre-match rituals might have hidden a bit of the serious side of the captain's manner, but there should be no doubt that Tommy has set his sights on doing a lot more than just seeing AFCB being a part of the Premier League. He wants to target new goals and it looks like he'll take us supporters with him all the way.
Tommy Elphick at the Amex this season.
Tommy will no longer have to wonder what might have happened if he had stayed at Brighton. He has more than earned his place in the Cherries' history books now and his partnership with Steve Cook has become a central part of the team's success. Out of all the players when the Cherries had beaten Bolton in that dramatic and tense penultimate league match, it was Tommy who came out first for the player's walkabout, punching the air in delight and jumping high into the air so that everyone could see him with a massive grin. If his superstitions had helped him personally during the 90 minutes, those scenes of him jumping into the air were sheer ecstasy at what had been achieved, he was more than willing to let everyone into his thoughts and to view his delight at being a winner.

That winning mentality shows itself in all his interviews and even more so in the most recent ones when he has been explaining that AFCB are Champions and will attack the Premier League. It is the players that I believe are now leading the way. They have taken on board where they will be playing next season very quickly and under Tommy they stand every chance of doing well as they have already succeeded together. The next step is to start seeing just how good they can be as players. 

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