Sunday, 17 May 2015

Going to big stadiums is nothing new for the Cherries

This season the Cherries have visited Aston Villa's ground and have played at big venues as they did last season such as the Riverside and the City ground as well as Molineux, the Ipro, Portman Road and Carrow Road. What is noticeable though is that these were not grounds where the Cherries came away with many victories though apart from at Wolves and it will be necessary to get the players doing even better at large stadiums next season because they are going to see a lot of them.

While the Championship does have some big stadia what they don't always have is the atmosphere of fully packed ground and that will be a difference in the Premier League at some grounds where you have waiting lists for season tickets at places like Anfield, the Emirates and Old Trafford. These big stadiums will not be half empty and it will be like cup final matches for the Cherries in some respects or at least for the fans on visiting some of these famous grounds.
The big grounds have to be happy hunting grounds for the Cherries next season.
The away support for AFCB has been mentioned a lot this season and while it is now not untypical for the team to have a following of 4000-6000 fans on the road for big matches that kind of support will be very necessary when taking on the best in the Premier League. It might be slightly easier for AFCB to attract some bigger pre-match friendlies this summer, and I hope if they can they play some of those games at big stadiums away from home just to get more experience of being in the company with the best. At Dean Court it is going to be more of a culture shock for some of the big teams, and if the club decides not to develop then the away fans will not have such significantly big crowds at Dean Court, and that could be important in keeping AFCB not only up but inflicting plenty of damage on teams that they are perhaps not expected to beat next season.

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