Saturday, 9 May 2015

Keeping the team together is important for Howe's chances

I was not only relieved to see the Cherries go up just so that the club and fans could experience the Premier League, but there was also the feeling that if the club missed out in the play-offs many of the players would be certain targets for those who were successful and went up. Now that AFCB has won promotion I believe that Eddie Howe will want to keep the heart of the squad and the finances that the club does now receive should help it to reward players for their efforts and change some contracts if players are likely to be the subjects of bids from competing clubs.
Don't disappear guys.
The onus will of course be more on what players that Eddie Howe and Neill Blake bring in and while AFCB looks worldwide for player recruitment it may be that there are not many new arrivals for the first team over the summer. It will be important as well to make the Development Squad more productive in terms of producing talent and the club needs more players like Baily Cargill to emerge if it is going to enhance local talent and reduce the kind of transfer fees that the Premier League clubs have become synonymous for leading to the financial plight of some clubs who are no longer playing at the highest level.

The eyes of some teams are already said to be on players such as Harry Arter, Matt Ritchie and Callum Wilson to name a few. Whether any of the current starting 11 would want to leave the club at this point is perhaps unlikely, but big offers could come in to make the players have to make a decision. It is probable though that if the team does well next season then there will be departures connected to top clubs. Eddie's need to keep the conveyor belt of players coming is what may concern him most already and the right kind of players are not always the ones who are easy to land or find in your Development Squad. The pressures on Howe and his coaching staff may not look too dissimilar from being in the Championship for onlookers but the demands of the Premier League will expose any weakness in the squad.

The Championship Run-in looks at the match at Griffin park in the first leg of the play-off between Brentford v Middlesbrough.

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