Sunday, 3 May 2015

The moment when Sheffield Wednesday made AFCB's day

I was busy writing my match notes at The Valley, being pressed by people on either side of me and  watching the game intently being played out in front of me while I had one ear listening to the radio with an ear-bud that suddenly burst out something that I could not quite take in. "What was that?" "Some thing's happened -Shhssh, Shhssh," I said. "Wednesday have scored! Wednesday have scored! We're going to be champions!"

The faces around me all asked question - "what was that?" 

"Look at the West stand," I said. The AFCB fans were rocking, the whole stand was jumping up and down. It was true Wednesday had scored at the death at Vicarage Road and had virtually swiped the title away from Watford and given it back to Bournemouth with only minutes of our game left to play against Charlton in which we had just gone 0-3 up!

There's a sudden excitement in the ground - 
something has happened at Vicarage Road.

It wasn't quite how I had written the script a few weeks ago when I had been asked by Reading's Tilehurst blog how I saw the final day of the season panning out, but the outcome was the same. Callum Wilson had scored on the final day but I had not expected a 0-3 scoreline and yet I had put some funds on Matt Ritchie to score the first and for Watford to draw and even for the Cherries to land the title from as early as last November. It might have been misplaced hope but it didn't turn out to be at all misplaced as the Cherries were undoubtedly the very best team in the 2014-15 Championship and the exact moment of Sheffield Wednesday scoring was brilliant - I'll cherish that!

Earlier we had seen some nervousness from AFCB fans with plenty of banter with the Charlton fans as a few AFCB supporters were evacuated from the home stands having been revealed to have bought tickets in the Charlton end. They probably found it a bit hard to keep their celebrations low key when the Cherries had been so dominant in the game. The AFCB fans had also been chanting: "Wednesday, Wednesday - always mid-week!" at their frustration that the owls were not doing their part in taking points off of the Hornets, but in the final minutes it was clear that AFCB fans could party before the final whistle knowing that the Cherries were about to receive some silverware in front of them.

Apologies for any foul language, I get a bit jogged
at the final whistle but I was hardly surprised and just kept the camera rolling anyway.

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