Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Tactics board is already out on HOWE AFCB play

It was fascinating to see, on Sky  Sports last night, how Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville sought to understand what Eddie Howe aims to do in his training sessions and how he gets the players to deliver that on the pitch. I don't think there are that many managers who operate in quite the same way as Eddie in creating so many attacking patterns of play with individuals relying on other players to be in the right place and to execute their pass at the exact time that it is needed to open up space and create opportunities.
Don't give too much away Eddie.
You might have thought that Eddie would be the coach to prefer the defensive side of the game when he was one of the best centre backs and defensive midfielders we have had at AFCB. Yet, from the way the team has played in the last few years it is clear that his emphasis is always firstly on attack and in his mind he is seeking ways to pull defenders out of position, and to use perhaps some of the striking skills that he perhaps would have liked to have possessed, as we all know defenders love scoring goals.

It was also clear to see how relaxed Eddie is when talking about the game and looking at the tactics board. To him solving a problem on the football field is a puzzle that he seems to love, whereas for some coaches and players it may seem too difficult or will not want to waste time on and they simply decide to stick to what you are good at. But Eddie is always looking to learn and to take information from others by listening and understanding what they have to give. It will be a difficult challenge for Eddie to unpick the minds of the Premier League managers, but somehow I think he has been relishing the opportunity and he'll want to come out on top. Player selection is his first priority and Eddie is already working on finding the right players he needs to supplement the squad.

"In a situation...going into a new league, so many unknowns , we want dependable players that we know and I think the makeup of our squad will be British," said Eddie Howe. "That's not to say that we would look abroad and we have cast the net quite wide!"

Now what is all this I hear that Bournemouth Airport should be renamed Eddie Howe Airport! Lift off on the south coast for the Cherries has really happened hasn't it.

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