Saturday, 4 June 2016

Are you wowed by the new AFCB home kit for 2016-17?

I thought the new home kit for next season was more modification than revolution when I saw the initial images on the AFCB official website. Sponsorship partner Mansion House still dominates the design and while the colour is a big change from past designs from distance it looks like quite a typical AFCB home top with well proportioned black and red stripes and plenty of prominent edging.

My favourite part is actually the shorts with the red trim at the bottom and the band down the side. The red band gives a good balance to the kit and links well with the shirt although another red band around the top of the socks kind of over plays the red a bit. I do prefer the back of the kit without last season's black window for the number but it will be more tricky to see what numbers are on the shirts with those stripes going right down the design. The sleeves as well look cleaner and less fussy with no stripes on them.

The black colour on the back going right across to the shoulders kind of ends a bit abruptly but the new home shirt is certainly distinct. Whether fans like the buttons at the front and the colour flaps we will have to wait and see. It looks cool on Callum Wilson but then what doesn't look good on Callum? I do think the colour makes the shirt look more weighty and polo shirt-like in design. Charlie Daniels thought it looked more formal and I don't disagree.
Official AFCB video release of the 2016/17 home kit.

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