Saturday, 25 June 2016

How fast can AFCB's fan base grow?

The size of the Cherries' fan base is tiny against some of the mid-table sides in the Premier League let along the top ones. It is a disadvantage and yet getting a ground and the supporters to fill a stadium that would see 14,529 gathered to watch a game would have been progress, even if only a small advance. But now that has been put on hold and AFCB have held back on raising ticket prices even though other Premier League clubs will have bigger revenue streams with their larger fan bases. 
At least no ground expansion means AFCB fans can expect
little added problems in getting away from the ground after games next season.
This big hope is that the club may find that overseas support will also have its effect on how the club is viewed as it starts its second season at the top level. Merchandise like the new striped away shirt and kit will be available to anyone over the Internet and while walking down the street in Bournemouth might not turn that many peoples' eyes it probably would if you were in Kula Lumpa or Istanbul.
Official AFCB photo of new away kit.
The appeal of AFCB is unlikely to diminish while it keeps upsetting the odds. The Americans in particular like the underdog and I am not surprised that the club has found new supporters over there. They may have to watch games streamed on TV but they are knowledgeable about the players and the way the team plays. 

I'm evening starting to wonder if AFCB's players will be targets for foreign-based clubs rather than just the domestic competition. Every time that AFCB play games though that are shown on global TV screens that fan base will rocket and we could be on the verge of seeing a very different AFCB in only two or three years from now. Eddie Howe still believes we are at the start of the journey and I suspect that there are many more that will tag along for the ride yet.

I'm also like many fans who want the club to keep playing its games in Kings Park and that it has managed to do so at this level I think is tremendous. The improvements are likely to keep coming though if the side can prolong its time in this league and there will be decisions to be made over how to attract more fans and how to ensue that they can come and see games. The expansion may be on hold this summer but success on the pitch will make it more and more difficult to ignore that something has to be done about getting a wider audience to see home games.

Transfer News and gossip
Sky News announced that a bid for Lee Tomlin had been accepted last night by AFCB. While the amount is undisclosed it has taken a full month of rumours before Bristol City came up with a bid, but an escape for Tomlin can be no surprise for AFCB fans.

The Daily Express insists that Potruguese star Raul Meireles has agreed terms with AFCB, but the Daily Echo dismisses claims that the Cherries are interested in the Fenerbahce midfielder.

Meanwhile, Tokelo Rantie is being linked with Kaiser Chiefs in South Africa and SonderjyskE in Denmark.

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  1. This doesn't make business sense to me. How can you say we need a wider fan base. Surley if you filled in the corners it would pay for itself in the first year. Even if there are not as many home fans you could fill with more away support. Which I belive the 14.000 figure you gave is undercutting it massivley.

    If it did not pay for itself how much of a risk is it really? How many years does Eddie have to keep turning heads before you have faith in his ability? Your goal should be to increase the fanbase and you will not help the chances by cutting off fans avalibility to see a live match.

    Please tell me there are other real reasons you have not invested in expansion. These reasons make no sense to me at all.

    Why should Eddie ever have to leave if you keep giving him a chance to turn Bournemouth into the next Man U chelsea or liverpool. That should be the real goal and the only real route to long term success. again having faith and expanding sooner rather than later is the only real way to go.

    Or..... and this would be the amazing scenario. Get Bournemouth its own unique stadium. Could you be putting of expanding for a better long term goal?