Thursday, 9 June 2016

Federici just can't get a break

I thought it was a little unfair to blame Adam Federici for Greece's wonder goal in the friendly against Australia. Giannis Maniatis hit an absolute pearler, and I don't think any keeper would have been able to get anywhere near it, if he was doing his job and waiting on the edge of his box, in case he needed to make a sweeper clearance. Australia should look towards their midfielders and a lack of closing down, but that is no consolation to Federici who has been an easy target for the press. 
Adam could do with a bit of good luck for a change.
Federici is unlucky in that a 60 yard lob is not going to be on target many times no matter how often a player tries, and to do it in a live match situation is pretty amazing. However, it happened and I hope Adam can forget about it. He is used to having to deal with bad memories like the FA Cup semi-final goal that Arsenal's Alexis Sanchez scored against him as a Reading keeper. 

Handling errors and positioning mistakes will cost sides and I suppose we should just be pleased it was not in an AFCB game. Just for once though, it is right to congratulate the skill of the Greek midfielder rather than any fault of the keeper. Let's hope that we see some more spectacular goals like that in the Euro's although not against England or Poland please!

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