Monday, 6 June 2016

Saint's shouldn't waste their time chasing after Howe

There are many admirers of Eddie Howe and no doubt he will eventually decide a time when AFC Bournemouth and himself may need to part company but it is not this summer. Everton were persistent in attracting Ronald Koeman who has been reported in the national media as agreeing to a £7m contract and £100m transfer budget. But are Southampton being generous in asking Eddie Howe to replace Koeman, or are they just trying to raise the rivalry between the two south coast sides, and trying to upset their closest challengers to being the dominant southern side?
Southampton can look and admire but they can't have.
Eddie Howe is AFCB through and through and has already turned down Southampton before in 2010 and they can expect a similar outcome if they make an approach again this summer. There are good reasons for Eddie to think about making a jump to a bigger club and Southampton is just up the road, but loyalty and friendships that have been developed over several promotion-winning seasons have earned Eddie full control over the way the team and everyone works at Dean Court. Everyone is on his side and you simply can't buy that in football. Having signed a new extended contract last October and reconfirmed his close friendship with Max Demin, who he will not walk away from, while the Russian remains the owner of AFCB, there is little point in Southampton waving their bigger club 'come and join us' flag in Eddie's direction.

The Cherries have a lot going for them now. Every year they are making history and the next season could be a real breakthrough year if the side can gain a top half finish. Bringing that kind of success would enhance Howe's reputation even further while cup success would surely start interest from bigger clubs than Southampton. Eddie has time on his hands at AFCB and can achieve great things with the foundations that are in place now. Gambling that future is not something that AFCB fans should worry about at the moment.  

Friendlies and transfer news
Josh King scored in Norway's 3-2 defeat to Belgium. Norwich City are reported at being interested in joining the race to sign Lee Tomlin.


  1. I don't think its quite that simple....Bournemouth are not competing on a level playing field with other Premiership clubs as the ground capacity is so small and now it looks like expansion of the ground will not be happening any time soon...whilst 100m TV revenue is beyond our recent dreams all the other Prem clubs have the same deal and Soton have a capacity of about 33,000 to AFC 11,000 and a youth policy which is the envy of many including us...and how long is Denim going to fund £30-£40m a year losses..I wonder how much we lost last year with £40m going out in transfer fees most of which was wasted....if Eddie goes expect a player exodus to follow...but its not all doom and gloom..if Eddie wants to go..go now..find a replacement..I would go for Ryan Giggs with Harry in background and have a changing of the guard..

  2. Saints fan here: I believe it is all paper talk. The clubs (Everton and southampton) havent even decided on compensation yet. Ed Howe is a terrific manager for Bournemouth, whether he would achieve that success being just in charge of our first team, I don't know. There are some quality managers about, and hopefully we will select one much more tastefully than everton did. Good luck for next season cherries. We're certainly going to need it if the player exodus is on like when pochettino left :(

  3. Another Saints fan. I like Eddie Howe, I think he would be a good fit for the way our club is run and I hope one day he will be here. However, it is not fun watching something being built then torn apart. And for that reason I would to see Eddie stay and continue what he has started, and get some more experience at this level.

  4. I wouldn't waste your time thinking saints are after Eddie. It's just the rags trying to stir up and bash us upperty little provincials. You guys better start getting used to's their favourite past time.

  5. I wouldn't waste your time thinking saints are after Eddie. It's just the rags trying to stir up and bash us upperty little provincials. You guys better start getting used to's their favourite past time.

  6. As a Saints fan I don't think Saints will go for Howe. Its all paper talk. I hope he stays and gets the Cherries into a secure PL team so they can build their club up and start looking up the table.
    I think Saints will continue to look for their manager abroad as the last two appointments have been.

  7. Change the guard and what ? Head straight for the trapdoor with players at the end of their careers looking for a final payday because that's what would happen under Redknapp. As much as u can't help like the guy, he is , unfortunately a football clubs financial cancer. He's ruined nearly every club he's been to, including us once/twice.

    If Eddie leaves, not only will I lose all faith in 'the dream' but it will be the end of fabulous team spirit and togetherness plus 5/6 of our key players . How you could wish for that scenario is completely beyond me.

    Fortunately , I am in agreement with Peter. No way can I see him leaving whilst he has complete autonomy of our football club and 100% backing and friendship of Denim, Mostyn and Blake.

    And as for Denim losing 30-40m a season, really? Whilst it's true to say our ground restricts are income massively , don't forget Sky and everyone else are paying us £200 M to be in this league . I don't think Denim is losing out my friend .