Thursday, 30 June 2016

French fire power added to AFCB with Lys Mouset

So AFCB have opted to delve into the French Ligue 2 to sign Le Havre striker Lys Mouset on a four year deal. It is not a bad place to look seeing that Riyad Marhez did okay at Leicester City in 2015-16. The signing had been in the cards for a few weeks and while he is seen as a potential of great potential according to Neill Blake AFCB will need to see such new signings make a good start to the Premier League careers if they are to survive the 2016-17 season with the club's status still in tact.

Whether Lys plays as an out and out striker or fills a wing position is not yet clear. Like Nathan Aké it appears that AFCB are looking for players that can play in one or two positions having experienced the injury problems they did last season. Being adaptable to play in a couple of positions is not that usual for English clubs but I can see the benefits of players that are not frightened of playing in more than one position.

This is not a player you want to leave space for in and around the box. I can see Eddie thinking about playing him on the right wing as he has provided some great assists. FV Video.

The profile of the squad is starting to look full of U20 and U21 internationals and I don't think that is a bad thing. They have ambition and talent that needs to be nurtured and Eddie Howe has a good record of developing young players. The four-year deal gives Lys plenty of security having been reportedly signed for £5.4m, according to the Daily Mirror or £6.8m reports the Echo. Apparently, Sunderland, Spurs, Arsenal, Bristol City and Italian side Torino had been chasing Lys, so it was a big scoop for AFCB.

Looking at the players that are being signed it suggests that the Cherries are going to be an even more attacking side next season if that is at all possible. Eddie is an advocate of being positive and scoring goals and if AFCB are to stay up it will be with the firepower they are now accumulating.


  1. I remember Tokelo Rantie at Malmo looked great on youtube too!!!

  2. I do not understand yet another forward...King/Wilson/Afobe/ another forward...someone is going to be unhappy.....

    We need defenders not attackers

  3. I agree. Our squad is top heavy with attacking players. If we are to stay up next year we desperately need another CB or two