Thursday, 23 June 2016

Jose's Man Utd will be a huge test first game

Jose Mourinho is probably smiling at the prospect of facing AFCB in his first game next season. It is quite likely that he will spend a large amount of dosh over the summer and he will come to Dean Court with quite a different side to the won that went down 2-1 in their last visit to the stadium.
Man Utd last visit to Dean Court. Now AFCB will finally
be able to welcome Jose Mourinho to the stadium.
There is some reason for Eddie Howe to be pleased though that he has such a hard test for his side in the first game. Let's face it there won't be many teams that finish above Man Utd if any and it will set the standard right from the start. Eddie will know his team have to be prepared right from the first game and seeing that fixture list doesn't half concentrate the mind. The cameras will be very much on what the new Man Utd are about, but wouldn't it be good if we could spoil Jose's party!

Eddie has made it clear that the side has to do better in home games and having lost the first game last season he will want to do better this time. But if AFCB start with a defeat and then have to go to West Ham facing the prospect of another hard game being their first in the Olympic stadium, then so be it. The Cherries have to make themselves harder to beat than last season and if they can get something out of the first two games it will be a fabulous start. Even though AFCB won both of these fixtures last season it shows how huge those six points were.

AFCB have a couple of months though to work out how they can get off to a good start and maybe they can find a few surprises before then to upset the big guns. It's a clean sheet and we know that everyone has to play everyone else, so getting results in these difficult games is what it is all about if the side wants to improve its position in the league. The good part in the football fixtures is that AFCB's run in looks much more favourable than it was in 2015-16.

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  1. The first three games of the season we won against these we could in theory be down points as per last season....

    Please can someone explain transfer policy...according to reports we are signing a young forward from France....our history of embedding foreign players under our manager is disasterous.....Atsu,Iturbe,Rantie,Andrade, etc never got a look in...although you can say that Tomlin,Murray didn't either...

    If we have a forward line of Wilson,Afobe,KIng and Grabban where does another forward fit into the scheme of things...I do not must be the defence and midfield that need strengthening......

  2. Grabban being sold?