Thursday, 16 June 2016

Tommy Elphick will always be the captain who took the Cherries up

Aston Villa were said by Sky Sports to have accepted at £3m bid for Tommy Elphick and the player was said to be in talks with the Midland's side. Cherry Chimes reported that this was a likely outcome back on 11 June and as the move looks ever closer to becoming a reality it is important for Tommy to know that AFCB fans will think only the best for him having been the captain that not only won promotion for the club from League One but who also guided the club on the pitch into the Premier League.
Tommy on the first day of last season when AFCB played Aston Villa.
Now he deserves to further his career in the best way he sees fit. If as looks likely that is with Aston Villa, he will be charged with trying to build a similar team spirit to that which the Cherries have had and I'm sure Tommy would do an excellent job at Villa. Tommy is a crowd favourite as well and that makes him an ideal candidate for Di Matteo to go after first as he can build his side around a motivator like Tommy. 

It will leave a big whole in the dressing room at Dean Court though. The part played by Tommy Elphick as captain has been immense in the last few seasons and his influence and calm head has often steadied the ship when things have gone against AFCB. Eddie Howe has to find players though that can take the team on a level or two more though and if the captain does go it opens up a whole new chapter in the AFCB book. 

Now the side has to really compete with the better half of the Premier League and not just make up the numbers. It probably needs a cornerstone figure like Tommy to make a difficult decision like this to get other players out of what can seem a comfortable seat the way the club has progressed and to really take a look at themselves to see if they are getting the most out themselves? Things are starting to change and we'll only know come August what the new look AFCB will be like, but I trust Tommy will do what is positive for his career.

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  1. Absolutely agree..let's see who else goes....and who comes in

  2. Absolutely agree..let's see who else goes....and who comes in