Sunday, 12 June 2016

Things to ponder over the summer for Howe

Eddie Howe won't have had too long to reflect on the Man Utd game but he will be concerned with the team's run at end of the last season. It is gone now and he'll be picking things apart for the things that his side could have done better, but he is adamant that the team will not be completely restructured.

Whether that gives hopes to a few players who might be wondering what might be happening to them, it is clear that the club will invest again. The final table shows that it was tight between success and failure in reality with only five precious points being the safety gap that saw the Cherries over the line. Yet, what may have seen unlikely to some has been achieved and sides up to 11th only finished five points better off than AFCB.
Eddie will attempt to bring the side back stronger.
There were signs again at Old Trafford though that the team is still weak and vulnerable in some positions. While Adam Federici made some fantastic saves, he would have hoped for more protection on some occasions and switching off for a second against a side like Man Utd undid much of the good work that the side did in the first half. While it is easy to pick holes in not making it more difficult for top sides like United, Spurs and Man City - these games are what Eddie Howe will get more from in terms of taking his side forward.

Whatever the club decides is the best way forward in regard to player numbers to bring in and those to move on, I don't believe that AFCB can think of themselves as anything less than a side that has proved its merit to be in the Premier League. Improving on that though is going to be tough, but it has to be tried to be done. Everyone currently at the club knows that this may mean splitting up a few players who have taken the club such a long way, but they'll also know it is necessary for the side to progress again.

Euros 2016 - A great start for the Welsh and England done at the death.

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