Thursday, 2 June 2016

AFCB should hold out for a high price on Murray

While there is plenty of cash incoming at Dean Court it does not hurt for the club to be a little wiser with any of its assets that it chooses to off load. Glenn Murray only joined the club last September for some £4m and he has shown that he can still score goals against top teams like Man City and Chelsea in the Premier League.
Glenn Murray may see the Championship as his future.
So why sell him cheap? Glenn has a three-year contract and while he has found it difficult to fit into a style that works with the team and has found himself down the pecking order I wonder if any one has considered that Glenn might still be with AFCB come next August? It is most likely that if AFCB hold out and the offers they receive are not enough that Glenn could go out on loan but perhaps Brighton can't afford to take that risk when Fulham are also said to be interested in taking the striker even if Sheffield Wednesday may have cooled their interest.

For once AFCB are not in a bad position. While Murray's wages will be the main concern, he is not a bad player to have on the bench and he is the only striker of his type at the club. AFCB seem more interested in attracting more pacy forwards at present with Millwall's Mikael Ndjoli said to be prime target number one for AFCB's U21 squad, according to the Daily Express.

AFCB fans of course will be hoping to see some big names come into the side this summer but that may depend very much on what happens to players like Glenn Murray, who may have to leave if AFCB want to fund more signings without throwing money away.

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