Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Simon Francis is a strong candidate for skipper

The performances of Simon Francis in recent seasons has won him most of the player of the year awards. He is a confident player and has now captained the side many times in Tommy Elphick's absence. With Elphick now having left the club it will be a big season for Francis who not only has the job of finding consistency as a centre back, but is likely to be the main candidate for the vacant captaincy.
Can Francis lead AFCB to thier best season ever?
While the position of a football captain may not seem such a hands on job as some captain's roles, you do become a figure head and fans do hang on every word for insight as to the mood of the camp and reasons for how the team is playing. For Francis the interviews have been something he is more than used to and he has no problem in giving an opinion which is what us journalist love to hear.

On the field he is a player who leads by example. If he is not playing on the right wing he will not be bombing up and down so much and by having the captaincy as a centre back he will be able to encourage and motivate from the centre. For the next captain the challenge will be to build on what Tommy Ephick achieved at the club. A different skipper means that some things will change and how players respond to a new captain is still very important. There has to be respect and a willingness for the club to be very much together if they are to improve, and Eddie Howe's decision on who should be captain is an important one for morale and picking a player who will do the best job.

There are other candidates like, Steve Cook, Andrew Surman and Charlie Daniels but it is Francis that has probably been ideally suited for the job and, if he gets it, he'll have much more opportunity to be a voice both inside the club and talking to the press.

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