Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Do yourself a favour Eddie, don't even think about doing the England job

I don't ask Eddie Howe to turn down the England job because I am an AFC Bournemouth fan. I ask him not to do it because all he will face is humiliation. This England set up is wrong from the base up and if the players are not capable of playing in tournaments because they can't perform under pressure, then he has lost before they even kick a ball.

There are other reasons for Howe not taking the job as well if he were to be offered it. He is not experienced enough yet. He has only just dipped his feet in Premier League football and he is learning against some of the best managers in the world. Why would you take a young manager out of that environment and put him in an England jacket where he is asked to do a job for the nation that prefers Premier League football to putting the national side first? It would ruin one of the best young managerial talents in the game and I just hope Eddie is not put in that position yet.
I love Eddie, but he is not yet ready for a job like England manager.
Let an experienced manager have the job.
The sad fact is there are very few candidates for the England manger's job. It is now a huge job after such an abject failure. The player's confidence will have been totally shattered and on the floor. This was a worse defeat than the World Cup two year's earlier as there was real hope and potential that this side would be good enough to have learnt from previous mistakes. They were humiliated by Iceland. Iceland who drew against Portugal and Hungary and beat Austria in the group stages, but they demolished England in the last 16. Who on earth wants the job of picking the players up after that? 

It needs to be a manager that not only has pride and can put an arm round the players, they have to have to have won things and have an understanding of the game that reveals why England teams keep failing at international tournaments. The players simply don't turn up. This is a failed project that keeps reoccurring. I don't want to see a good man like Eddie Howe go anywhere near it.

Euro 2016 - England thrown out of the Euros

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