Thursday, 1 December 2016

Should Mousset be AFCB's first sub now?

The first sub this season for AFCB has been Benik Afobe on most occasions, but I'm starting to think he might not always be the player that gives the side a boost as soon as he comes on. If you are on the field and the side needs a goal you want to see someone coming on who is eager to break the net, and I just don't see it at the moment with Benik and yet I do see it in the manner of Lys Mousset.
Could December be a big month for Lys?
I was watching Benik Afobe fairly closely after he came on against Arsenal. It was an important game for him not only because he was given plenty of time to make an impact, but also because it was against the team where he had learnt the game. If ever he will have wanted to score it should have been in this match, and yet when he hit his weak side foot shot from a corner straight at Petr Cech, I was hardly surprised. Benik had been gingerly standing in the box for the corner, with one foot toes down against the ground, trailing behind the other leg and he was just waiting to see what might develop. It was not a striker thinking the ball is going to come to me and when it does, I'm going to score. He wasn't anticipating that anything good was going to happen and that edge is needed if you are going to score against a side like Arsenal. 
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While I can't say Lys Mousset was much closer to scoring, he did throw himself into the game and was committed to the challenge. I want to see that eagerness as a fan and the desire to get that first goal. Lys Mousset wants that first Premier League goal more than anything and it is why I am hoping that come 60 minutes or so against Liverpool, it is Lys Mousset that gets the signal to get ready. He has had a taste of the pace of the game now against a couple of sides and he may not be a starter for now, but he can't get that much out of playing for less than 10 minutes in games. 

I believe Eddie really rates Mousset, like he does with every player at the club, but Lys looks ready to shine to me and I get a feeling that December could be a big month for the young striker.

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  1. I agree. The eagerness and aggression than afobe had when he joined us last season is long gone. At moussett looks like he wants it!