Monday, 31 October 2016

Defence alert! AFCB have won a corner

While it is not the first time that AFCB have conceded a goal from one of their corners, the Middlesbrough opening goal was a real shock to the system. Eddie Howe has been very specific in previous games at how much he dislikes seeing his side losing the ball when they are trying themselves to score from a corner, it is a pattern of the game that as to be carefully managed, just like other parts of the game.

I'll take nothing away from Gascon Ramirez's goal. It was exceptional from a Middlesbrough point of view, but there was a decision to make for Arter if he should haul him down and while Wilshere had not the legs to chase all the way back, Surman was easily tricked and Simon Francis sold his chance of stopping Ramirez by hurling himself on the ground at the ball. Adam Smith may also wonder whether his racing forward to take the shot was such a wise move now, but you have to try and score if the ball lends itself to a shot, and it was bad luck that it rebounded Middlesbrough's way. There was simply not adequate cover as Smith himself came from the space that Ramirez would eventually exploit so well.

Why is it when Josh King wins AFCB a corner 
I always hear 'oh, no - counter attack' ringing loudly in my ears? 

There has to be a thought though of positioning and re-positioning when a deep lying player decides to come forward and join the attack. It takes another player to assess the situation and just guard against the worst possible outcome. However, AFCB did not seem quite on their game last Saturday and if the response is slow, the outcome is all very predictable in the Premier League - you get punished.


It was a lesson all right, but one that had been given out before. That was the only thing that disappointed me about going behind. However, the team has been magnificent this season and it is the response now that we should look forward to. They are capable of playing much better than they did against Middlesbrough and they should not have to dig to deep to find those kind of performances that have previously sent us home from Dean Court very content.

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