Sunday, 5 February 2017

AFCB just couldn't keep it tight at Everton

The match against Everton opened everyone's eyes to what the gap is between Bournemouth and the better sides in the Premier League. Yes, the Cherries can score goals and can create chances, but they are scratching their heads as to how they can defend properly. The goal count against is now fast approaching 50 goals against and with injuries mounting, AFCB have some serious worries.
An out of sorts AFCB were hurt deeply in the first 45 minutes at Everton.

The Cherries have only two points out of 15 in 2017, and all the fans know that the side is now under tremendous pressure as the bottom sides are picking up points. But AFCB must concentrate on their own game and what they need to put right, rather than think about what other teams are doing and the next game remains the most important.

AFCB can learn a lot from the Everton match. They fought like gladiators in the end, but in the first half they failed to keep the game tight, and it was a reaction in the end rather than a positive performance at the start when they ran out at Goodison. This is not what Eddie Howe sets his side out to do. He wants them to get at teams early on and give them something to think about, but by conceding in the first minute, by not putting in a tackle, Eddie will have been fuming at that.

Individual errors are also very apparent. Not stopping players at the byline but allowing them to make pull balls back to the penalty spot will cause any team defensive issues and Boruc can't be expected to be the saviour every time the opposition are invited to have target practise from 12 yards or less. While Simon Francis came off at half time with his hamstring worry, he will know that he has made two personal errors that have directly led to goals in the last two matches. When things go against you, they really do mount up. So Everton had a 3-0 head start, and all of the goals could have been prevented if AFCB had been more combative and faster to the ball in the early part of the game. The attention to detail was lacking and it must be puzzling for the players and the management to see why they could not shake themselves out of this kind of performance earlier. The change of formation and renewed purpose in the second half though, saw the side finally kick into action. 

Coming out of the traps quickly was a signature of this team. They need to get back to that or they will always have to be coming from behind against teams in this league, who will score when they are gifted with the ball anywhere around the box.

I'm just glad that we didn't see a second half like the first half up at Goodison, as those travelling fans will have had a bad enough day as it was by half time. Something was certainly said at half time, but by then it was too late of course. The players have to dig themselves out of this hole, and I'm hoping the first signs of that came in the second half performance at Goodison, which was more like what AFCB sides have been like in the past few seasons - never giving up. UTCIAD!


  1. You are the only person who says that Francis has a hamstring problem....the reason for his substitution was not his mistakes???

    Relegation is looking inevitable and now is the time for tough decisions...really tough decisions

    1..By the next game a change in recruiting throughout Europe and further to find a defensive reinforcements....

    2.Maybe bring in Cargill...but is he ready

    3..Change goalkeepers...

    4.If Eddie cant change it..them bring in someone else..sorry but that football..bring in Roy Hodgson..who is reknown for drilling defensive situations

  2. You have not listened to the Eddie Howe post-match interview with BBC Radio Solent then.

  3. The hamstring problem does seem a happy coincidence. Francis gave away two goals last week, so as captain one would expect he would fall on the sword to show he is not above a deserved benching. Saying that he and Cook are still the best central pairing - for now at least - and I expect they will start next Monday. Let's hope the guys up front press Man City hard to take some pressure off the guys in the back.

  4. You must be sickening for something Roy Hodgson get rid of Eddie? It's not good but not that bad.