Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Is Tyrone having to learn too much on the job?

It's not been an easy introduction to Premier League football for Tyrone. Not only has he had to recover from a serious injury and step up a level, but he has been transformed into a centre-back and has been thrust into the limelight now with Charlie Daniels' recent injury. 
Can Tyrone step up quickly?
Playing as a left-sided centre-back, in a 3-5-1-1 formation at Everton, is a big test for any player that has had a season or more Premier League games under his belt, but Tyrone was soon being exposed to one of the best forwards in the game. Romelu Lukako was intent on making his presence felt, and it probably did not help Tyrone or Steve Cook that the Belgian striker had a premonition that he was going to score. He might not have thought he would get as many as four goals, but it was the first goal that really will have frightened AFCB, as he blitzed his way through the defence and there didn't seem to be anyway of stopping him.

Yet, it was the second goal that will probably stick in Tyrone's mind. He almost had Romelu where he wanted him, but a shimmy and a quickness of thought from Romelu had Tyrone trying to nick the ball away from him, and in that second Romelu found the space to put in his inch-perfect cross for McCarthy to score. 

I imagine that Tyrone and the rest of the lads will put these lessons down to experience, and all the defenders are under immense pressure to get things right. But Tyrone has time on his side and can learn from Charlie Daniels and others who have been through this test. Learning on the job is tough and the video vault for the back four may well be pretty full at AFCB at the moment. It might not help Tyrone too much at the moment, as he has another top forward to prepare for next week, and that is the beauty of the Premier League - one player is never like another. 

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