Monday, 27 February 2017

League position has become a pressing concern for Cherries

I liked the question that Kris Temple put to Eddie Howe about the league position perhaps now being a pressing concern to the manager. Eddie Howe was keen to get across that the club was not blinkered and knew exactly how precarious its Premier League status was looking, even if they are still 14th in the table. But five points above the drop zone is better than being in the relegation places - ask Leicester City fans.

AFCB players were grateful for the fantastic away support at WBA.
Finding positives at the moment is fairly difficult for AFCB fans. With just two pints gained in 2017, the table has taken on a nasty appearance. But AFCB can find that things quickly change if they can just get a win. and Eddie Howe is certainly not going to be distracted by pondering too long on what has already gone. There are 12 games to go, which is about a third of the season. That's plenty of time to get the necessary points required for safety. 

While the match against Man Utd away is not going to look like a fixture that could be seen as a great game to have next, when your side needs points, other sides have gone to Old Trafford this season and got a result. AFCB have to try and add their name to that list. 


In a way it is a mini league now at the bottom and three of seven sides will be relegated. But if AFCB can get to the 29 point mark in the next two games it will more than add further pressure to the bottom sides. It would be demoralising to them when they thought they were getting closer to Bournemouth and sucking them into the relegation zone. It's down to AFCB's players though to make the most of the slim points advantage they have at this stage.

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  1. Relegation is a certainty due to a disasterous transfer policy