Friday, 10 February 2017

Eddie needs our support for the run in

The last few weeks have tuned this Premier League season upside down for the Cherries. On 31 December AFCB were 10th and 10 points above the relegation zone, having beaten Swansea City 0-3 away. But the New Year has been a different story and listening to the interview that Eddie Howe gave to Guillem Balague and TalkSport, there was a point when it struck me just how much weight there always is on Eddie Howe - he not only carries the hopes of the players and his staff, it's the whole town that he is trying to carry.

Eddie has been doing great at holding up the hopes of AFCB supporters.
The fortunes of a football club are often seen by outsiders to the game as of little importance, but when a town lives for the story to be continued like it does at AFCB, there is now a clear line of rising success that needs to be protected. It is always easier to strive to reach a point than to hold on to something that you never thought you'd get the chance to defend, but AFCB's record in the Premier League is still a fragile one that could be taken away very quickly. If that were to happen it would almost be like the dream being erased and I'm sure the fans don't want that. As fans, managers always say the fans can make the difference - the 12th man. That is again being called for at Dean Court.

The side needs that extra help to get the wins it requires. Willo spoke about how AFCB are still in a good position and he is right to some extent - the side only has to do as well in the remaining 12 games as three of the teams below them in the league to ensure survival and they have a six point start, seven in the case of Crystal Palace and Sunderland. But its form that is significant now and the Cherries have to find it quickly.

Jeff Mostyn's comments about Eddie never needing a vote of confidence from the Board were intriguing as I think every manager should be analysed for their performance and while loyalty is great to see, Eddie knows he has to keep pushing to see strong results on the pitch.


We can be annoyed and discouraged about some of the signings and how they have worked out, but it won't change the fact of the position the team is now in. The messages from Dean Court now are very much ones of work hard and we can get through this, but things will only become easier when Eddie Howe can start talking about a win again and there is no disguising that the run of fixtures to come are far very difficult. Eddie will be helped by Jason Tindall and others around him, but he'll need to hear it from the fans too. 

This season has been a real test, probably the biggest that the club has had to deal with and the side needs something to go in its favour right now. That one win could spark the belief again.

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