Sunday, 12 February 2017

Will Hyndman fast-track his talent at Rangers?

The form of Emerson Hyndman at Rangers is something that has come as a surprise, but a pleasant one. While it would be helpful if AFCB's midfielders were taking the league by storm, Emerson has certainly got people talking in Glasgow, and it is starting to make me think, why wasn't Emerson not thought to be good enough yet to make his mark in the Premier League?
Emerson may be playing a long way away but he's performing well.

There is quite a gap in fans' perceptions between the Premier League and the Scottish Premiership, but playing for Rangers there is a tremendous amount of pressure on Emerson to do well. He has done that and the Rangers fans will hope he can keep it going as their team slipped down to third place behind Aberdeen and Celtic last weekend. The strange goings on with Mark Warburton and the management team at Rangers this week could be something that changes player attitudes at the club, but at the end of the day the players are paid to play football and Emerson just needs to play games. 

While Rangers get to see a lot of Emerson this season, he will be like a new player coming back to AFCB's squad in the summer and while AFCB are unlikely to have the services of Jack Wilshere next season, it might be that either Emerson or Lewis Cook can make something of an impact for the Cherries. Both Lewis and Emerson are 20 and it's noticeable that Eddie Howe has not been a manager to give many young players a shot at the Premier League. Lewis Cook did play in the opening game of this season against Man Utd though, so it's not that he won't play them if they are good enough. It's not inconceivable to think that both players might one day line up with each other in the centre of Bournemouth's midfield.

It's Emerson that is slightly behind Lewis Cook in his development, as Lewis has made 80 appearances for Leeds in the Championship. That is why I believe Emerson has been sent out to get some experience of tough football north of the boarder. He needs to be strong for those games and it should push his development on so that when he does turnout for AFCB he will feel on a par with the other players and, if anything, he'll probably find playing in front of an AFCB crowd a rather easier affair than playing at Ibrox.


  1. Lewis Cook needs to play ahead of Surman and Gosling.

  2. Hyndman will start in Wilshere's role next season, regardless of the league.