Monday, 6 February 2017

Artur Boruc has to keep positive

No one in the team will be feeling great about conceding six goals last weekend, but of all the players it is Artur Boruc who needs to keep positive. Being a keeper is like putting your hand up to volunteer for punishment, and when you are beaten by that many goals you are not human if you don't question whether you might have saved one or two of the shots that passed you.
Artur is having to pick the ball out of the net
far to frequently and yet he is not really to blame.
I don't believe Artur needs to think too deeply though about his role in the goals at Goodison and AFCB need him to be fully focused on the next game. Everton can be committed to memory. He might not like the way Romelo Lukaku scored his fourth goal and the way Ross Barkley put his goal away, but he did all he could to come out and his starting point gave him a chance of making a save.

Everton had 10 shots on target in all so Artur had a busy afternoon all right. In some ways I'd expect a game like that gives him and the goalkeeping group a good chance to see if the decision making was good, and Artur knows he has no doubt been fully tested which might be a good thing for the next match.

If I were in goal I'd rather have a game where I was busy than standing around watching the play and having little to do, who doesn't like the chance to be a hero? In reality though, Artur would be far happier if he did not have to make any saves or at least just had to make the one match-winning save. But as soon as you step out onto the pitch you know anything can happen and getting on the wrong end of a heavy score for a few weeks now cannot be much fun for Artur.

From what I know of Artur though it will just make him more determined to be there for the team and to put things right. AFCB are involved in a scrap now and Artur can be the big hero if he can keep the goals down in the remaining games. Shutouts are going to be just as important for the team now, just ensuring that the opposition does not score could be crucial in getting AFCB over the finishing line. 

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