Wednesday, 22 February 2017

AFCB need to stick at it

While it won't have seemed pleasant for AFCB fans to see the Cherries take another defeat, the match against Man City finally restored a bit of pride to the way the team has been playing. The challenge will be to take this progressive football and impose it once again on teams that don't have the quality of Man City. AFCB will pick up enough points if they keep to being positive like they were against Pep Guardiola's side.

Josh King is doing a good job.
I know that there were no goals for the Cherries and while Josh King is working so hard just to get the ball and to try and keep it in games, it is asking a lot for him to also come up with the goals as well. He was by far the best player for the Cherries in my reckoning and it is imperative that he keeps making a nuisance of himself when in the opposition's half. 

The midfield was also much more pushing forward with the ball than we have seen of late and even though Jack Wilshere had to go off, I'm confident that the side will continue to pass the ball in the ambitious way they sought to break through the City back line. 


The main concern will be to see that Simon Francis recovers well. The defence is not going to feel that it has contributed extremely well to a match until it keeps a clean sheet, and Francis will want to be a part of that side. While Tyrone Mings is getting game time, he hasn't got the same understanding yet with Steve Cook that Francis will have and AFCB simply haven't got much time to get things right now.

WBA will be a physical encounter and everybody will need to be 100 per cent for that game. At least the period away in Spain will give the majority of players a chance to recover for what is now going to be the most important game of the season so far.

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