Sunday, 19 February 2017

Real Madrid trip should fill AFCB players with more ambition

To me it seems hard to see AFCB aspiring to even greater things than what they have already achieved under Eddie Howe and Jason Tindall. They have reached the pinnacle of the Premier League and yet they still need to see that there is more they can do to improve their game and being at Real Madrid's training ground at Ciudad must be something special for them.
AFCB are becoming a more stellar team themselves.
The friendships that AFCB have made with Real Madrid have certainly been a big plus when you can take the team out to their facilities and mix with their world famous players. I imagine the game at the Bernabรฉu last week was also an electric occasion for AFCB players to watch in such a setting. It is of course the next level up for AFCB players and while they have played an exhibition game on the pitch with Real Madrid stars it is quite another thing to see how those players live and train over in Spain. I just hope it does not give one or two of AFCB's players an incentive to go and learn Spanish!

While the Cherries will no doubt enjoy their time out in Spain they will be worked hard and have to prepare for the WBA match coming up. This will be a very tough fixture and the squad will need to be very switched on for the end of the season push. If the players want to remain on the Premier League and to aspire to play teams like Real Madrid then they will have to graft a lot more, and I guess it is easier to reach a dream when you have seen what it would be like in front of you. The Hawthorns might not be at the same level but WBA are guaranteed Premier League football next season, and AFCB have to come back with much more purpose and resolve to get the points they need now.


It is one step at a time that AFCB has overcome its challenges and this next test over the following 13 games will need everything the players have got, so I can see why a great trip such as the one to Madrid has been organised. If you can't run out on the pitch at Ciudad without a smile on your face then there is something wrong with you. Let's just hope that some of the winning style of Real Madrid rubs off on the AFCB team.

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  1. Why is it that Bournemouth do not buy foreign players and those that do are a disaster? Mousset eg....our transfer policy has been a disaster in last two seasons..and it seems no better going forward

  2. When we get relegated who will stay and who will go