Friday, 17 February 2017

Are things catching up with AFCB?

The season is in its final third and that does not seem to be lucky for the Cherries when it comes to injuries. After last nights game, two players needed to be subbed before half time. Wilshere and Francis may only have knocks that disabled them from continuing in the Man City game, but the bruising Premier League is stretching AFCB's squad.

The rest period is badly needed for the squad.
This may not be so problematic if AFCB were a bit further up the table, but when a team puts in a good performance and still finds itself picking up injuries it does effect the moral. The Cherries need a bit of good fortune as the work rate they are putting in is evident. At home they are playing with that freedom again, and it might well have helped them to be facing a team like Man City who they had nothing to lose by taking them on.

AFCB need to keep players fit to get some consistency. The back four is really the place where this is most important and Eddie Howe will be ruing the fact that he has not been able to put out the same four for a long time.


The bigger matter is that the side is finding losing games is routine. While we saw a better performance against Man City than we have in previous weeks, the side still finds itself no safer with one less game to add to its points tally. The job has always been tough and while the Cherries were riding high in the league, there was no guarantee that the wins would keep coming. Now that they have dried up, it will need a big effort to get the points that are required. The good thing is that there was much more fight and commitment to giving the opposition a real test, and they need to take that energy into away games now as well.

The table tells the team where it is and AFCB have been found to not be much better than the strugglers, and so the WBA game is looking huge with Man Utd to follow. 

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