Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Change of formation was forced on Howe

In his post-match interview, Eddie Howe admitted that the formation to playing three at the back was kind of forced on him with the players he had available. It was also a decision to try something different, after the heavy amount of goals that the side had been conceding. While it did not end up doing the side any favours, the changes at the back are undermining the team's ability to build some solidity in games.

The Cherries dod not find three at the back did them any favours.
Charlie Daniels is a player that has become a reliable member of the side and his absence, following that of Simon Francis time out of the team, was never going to be easy. Adam Smith is now also trying to get back his fitness, so Eddie Howe has had to do a lot of work with Tyrone Mings, who let's not forget has only four Premier League appearances this season, following one sub appearance last season. Everything seemed so simple when Nathan Aké was  playing so well for the team, and losing him has had a dramatic affect on the results since the new year.

Now the players have to get over that though and get back to making defending a job that everyone is working at. If it had just been one or two games when the side had been on the end of three or more goals, AFCB would not see reason to be worried, but the run of games now with these high number of goals going in against the side is relegation form. They now have one of the top sides coming to Dean Court with an array of special talent up front, so this week has to be full of drills to stop Man City scoring. I don't think AFCB can over prepare for this game if they want to work out ways of keeping a clean sheet.

While Eddie Howe wants to entertain, he knows that his team is not balancing that with effective defending and the balance of the training may just have to start reflecting that now.

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