Tuesday, 25 April 2017

AFCB should mess up more free kicks!

You never expect the Cherries to score from any free kick these days, and the mess up of the pass from Ryan Fraser to Charlie Daniels against Middlesbrough could have been another misdirected free kick that would have annoyed Eddie Howe. Somehow Charlie Daniels not only salvaged the situation with his quick feet and agile movement, he made the space to whip in a fourth goal that really put the final gloss on the win.
Charlie Daniels made the best of a far from slick beginning free kick.
While a bit more practise may be required before AFCB score from a well constructed free kick, it was the mood in which the players were in that provided the bit of luck and awareness from Daniels to finish a move that had really never got started. I kind of like the corner routines and free kicks where it looks like things have gone wrong, but when they are really planned to make the opposition lose concentration. You need to be a bit unusual sometimes to create space, and while AFCB messed this free kick up at first it made it an improvised attempt that brought the rewards.

In the game as a whole against Middlesbrough there were quite a number of fouls, although not many of them were around Boro's box or needed a save from Guzan. Ryan Fraser seems to have the job at the moment to make most of the deliveries and I wonder if it would have been left to Adam Smith as usual, had AFCB been in a better position to score. The power of Daniels' shot though is always good to see and the ball stays hit when he gets to put some leather on it. 

AFCB have to clearly do more work on their free kicks though as they have not brought many goals this season. It would not be such a big deal if AFCB found it hard to get free kicks ,but the speed of players like Ryan Fraser mean that they do win a lot of these set-plays in positions where a good free kick specialist would be licking his lips. 

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