Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Tyrone Mings will hope to quickly move on from Ibrahimovic incident

At last Tyrone Mings has served his five-match ban for the FA's disciplinary panel and the incident with Zlatan Ibrahimovic can become a footnote in a day that actually was greater for AFCB than it was for Tyrone. Yet, Mings contributed massively to the point at Old Traffprd and the side wanted to get something from the game not only for themselves but also for Tyrone.
Tyrone is available for the first time since his five-match ban at Man Utd.
Indeed, the Man Utd away game will be seen as a turning point in AFCB's 2016/17 season, and for Tyrone it was probably the best and worst of days. Now he has been able to get right back into the thick of things and put himself in contention for a place in the squad to take on Spurs. Obviously, Simon Francis and Steve Cook have since had a pretty good run in the team and have been a valuable part in the unbeaten run that has only just fallen against Chelsea. Tyrone will have to wait again for his chance, and yet I bet he will just be overjoyed to be competing for a place again.

The central defence is an area of the pitch where big money hasn't really been spent in any great quantity about AFCB with the exception of Tyrone. Moreover, AFCB are trying to bring Baily Cargill through to play more games in the first squad and there have been strong links with the Cherries continued interest in Chelsea's Nathan Aké. Whether Aké joins this summer or AFCB look elsewhere in the market, I suspect that the number of goals against that have now reached 59 goals is something that will force the Cherries to look carefully at improving that area of their game. It's now very possible that the Cherries will let in more goals than the 67 goals of 2015/16.
For Tyrone there is a need to get back into the games. He will want to play some minutes before the end of May, just so that he can shut the book on the Ibrahimovic incident and I think everyone at AFCB will be pleased when Tyrone can think about football rather than something that happened in the past.

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