Friday, 28 April 2017

Has Sunderland's luck run out?

The mid-week defeat to Middlesbrough pretty well condemned Sunderland to the Championship and it come as quickly as this weekend for them. AFCB will be the club that have the first opportunity to relegate the Black Cats and whether the atmosphere is a bit flat up on Wearside we will soon know if they go a goal behind.
The Cherries could sink Sunderland on Saturday.
The prospect of going to a game to see your side relegated is never one of much joy and while Sunderland have good home crowds you might imagine that there will be a few pointed fingers as to why they have had such a poor season. Looking at the Black Cat's home form over the last five games, it is clear that scoring goals has been a big problem When the goals dry up for Jermain Defoe, they dry up for Sunderland. With just two goals against West Ham at home in the last five games, the Stadium of Light must seem a hard place to play for Sunderland as soon as they concede.

While Sunderland have not conceded the most goals in the division, they are at the bottom for a reason and five wins all season is only about half of what Swansea and Hull City have achieved. Whether David Moyes ever had the tools at the club to make a better go at keeping them up is not clear, but he will surely take some of the blame as he has not got a winning mentality through to the players. They have not won at home since playing Watford on 17 December 2016.

What chance of a Sunderland revival for this home game? Their fans will hope that they can at least see their team really have a go for it now as they are as good as relegated and might as well throw every thing at the opposition. They will probably play with less stress and more of a mood of trying to please the fans and in such circumstances it won't be a simple game for the Cherries. If the Black Cats have any luck they need to use it now. But I suspect that even now their board is contemplating life back in the championship.

Sunderland Home Form

AFCB Away Form

Other News: AFCB have signed new shirt sponsors Umbro and Artur Boruc has triggered a one-year extension to his contract at AFCB.

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