Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Has Afobe been convincing enough?

I believe the jury is still out on Benik Afobe. While he scored his sixth goal this season against Middlesbrough, I don't quite see him as a player that is giving everything to the cause yet. Benik is finding ways to get more involved in play and yet that instinctive finish is still something he needs to work on.
More to come from Benik.
Benik has admitted in the past that he has felt less than fully committed to doing the work he needs to, and he has to see these last few games as his ticket to next season. While he has managed to pick up some goals, his displays are not totally convincing yet. It's a shame, as Benik is a very different striker to the others at Bournemouth and he could offer a fantastic alternative, if only he'd polish up on a few elements of his game.

Enthusiasm is not something I characterise with Benik. He needs to want to get on the end of things more and to really impress that he is not just at AFCB to make up the numbers. While King is pummelling the goal at every opportunity, we don't see that with Benik. I want him to take on more responsibility and to try and elevate his game to the next level.

Against Middlesbrough he could have had a second goal, if he had got a better contact on the Adam Smith cross in the second half that went right across the Boro box and which he got a downward header to. Had he gone with his left foot he might have scored, but Benik likes to use his head and might even get a few headed goals if the deliveries to him give him better reason to arc his neck. I still see Benik as learning when to make his runs and where to go when AFCB are on the break. He is starting to hold up the ball a bit better and bring other players into the game, but he also needs to do this quicker and spring away awaiting a possible pass back. Too often the game slows around him though, while he gets control and looks to find a team-mate.

A tough challenge would be for Afobe to get another four goals to take him to 10 this season. He has to set himself some targets, as he needs extra motivation from what I can see.

Other News - AFCB announce a post-tax profit of £3.6m in their first Premier League season of 2015-16 and a turnover of £87.9m.

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