Monday, 3 April 2017

The Cherries' penalty dramas continue

Harry Arter isn't the first and won't be the last to miss a penalty for AFCB. He was somewhat of a surprise spot kick taker, but had a real desire to take the kick. His passion is something I am sure Eddie Howe wishes he could bottle, and yet when you need a penalty scored you need a bit of luck, and a bit of steel, and a clear mind for what is going to happen. But the enormity of the moment may have got to Arter along with a rather less than firm pitch that didn't take the strain of his standing leg.
Never mind Harry, at least AFCB are getting a lot of
penalties even if they aren't taking them well.
We now know that Harry's have a bit of a problem at St Marys with penalty kicks as Spurs' Harry Kane did a similar job in December 2016. I liked the way Gary Lineker surmised that the groundsman would not be shortlisted for any awards this season. But players have to inspect where they are going to put the ball down and their surroundings before the kick, and do players really need to take the leather off the ball to score from 12 yards?

Bournemouth have regulated their penalty kick takers and perhaps this has given lots of players the chance to score which is good for team moral. But when you have several players then missing, it is almost better to not make so many players go through the same disappointment as it only makes them all rather dejected.

While AFCB will decide in their own way who takes the next penalty, I see Josh King and Junior Stanislas as the best two candidates. They both like to be accurate and as attacking players they should be putting themselves forward. I think the unselfishness of King is something that perhaps holds him back from having that ruthlessness of the very top strikers. Look at Harry Kane and Diego Costa, do they shun spot kicks after missing one? Hardly ever, they want to be the main man and to take the responsibility. King wasn't on the pitch when Arter took his penalty, but perhaps he wouldn't have fancied the job.

Check out This is Anfield today for some of my views ahead of the match with Liverpool on Wednesday.


  1. I think buoy will find that king had gone off before the penalty award, replaced by Wilshere, who played the ball forward to Fraser who was pulled back.

  2. Josh King was subbed off at the time - Can't really blame him for not taking it! Don't think Wilshere has taken many penalties (although happy to be proven wrong!) and with Daniels apparently not keen and with Afobe and his woes I was quite happy to see Arter step up. Not sure who else on the pitch would be capable?

  3. Yeah, I forgot to correct that - King was off the pitch at the time of the penalty. Thanks.

  4. Why did he use his right foot? We all know he prefers his left for shooting!!