Monday, 17 April 2017

First goal hit the Cherries hard

It may sound harsh that AFCB had little to offer against Spurs, but even Bournemouth's manager will find it hard to pick out much encouragement from the defeat at White Hart Lane. "We were never in the game against Spurs after conceding that first goal," says Eddie Howe.
Yeah, it's in the back of the net again Artur.
Indeed, AFCB found it extremely difficult just to get out of their own half. It is rare to see Bournemouth's players have so little of the ball and to be chasing the game for the whole match, but that is how much better Spurs are at this current time to AFCB. They are an excellent model though for AFCB to learn from. Even though the Cherries are an extremely fit side, I'd say this match came at the wrong time for them having had hard games against Liverpool, Southampton and Chelsea and the energy was really sapped out of the team when they went behind.

It was not only the possession and Spurs' composure on the ball that made it a tough day for AFCB, it as the poor quality of the first goal and the mistakes that led up to it. There was clearly a frustration at how the first goal went in, but being hemmed in your own half for so long was bound to cause pressure to build on the Cherries.

The chance to stay in the game was taken away from AFCB when they went two down so quickly after that, and you quickly got a fair idea of how the game was going to go. Confidence was only going to grow in the Tottenham ranks and they got better as the game went on.

While there was no disgrace to losing to Spurs, I do see that Howe was less complimentary than he had been to the side when they had lost to Chelsea. It was a worse defeat and not just because it was one more goal but it was the manner of the defeat - AFCB were outclassed. Spurs are playing the best football in the country at the moment.

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