Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Artur Boruc has been magnificent

While Artur Boruc has been on rolling one-year contracts at AFCB he is looking fitter and sharper than at any time since his arrival at the club, and his performances have been as good as any keeper's in the Premier League of late.
Artur continues to be first rate.
I was watching Artur quite intently during the game against Middlesbrough. He could have got his deck chair out at times, but he also had to make some very fine saves. The first from Negredo was all about positioning, as Alvaro Negredo blasted his volley right at the middle of the goal and Boruc was almost knocked backwards with the power. It was a simple enough save, but certainly warmed the Polish keeper's mid-rift.

The best save he made was from Marten de Roon, when he hit a shot that looked destined for the top right corner of Boruc's net, but the Polish keeper made quick ground and tipped the shot over at an important time with Boro trying to get back into the game at 2-0 down. I don't think Boruc always gets the best of backing when things go wrong from him from our supporters, but when he does great things they certainly let him know about it and the 'Big Pole in our goal' was belted out, and it was good to see Boruc hold his hand up in recognition of the thanks from the supporters.

I also liked watching him in the second half, when AFCB were about to make it 4-0 with the free kick. he was loitering around the half way area, almost disappointed not to be in the action, just striding across the width of the pitch from side to side. He was entertaining just for being like a prized fighter about to pounce. It reminded me of the Star Wars' Phantom Menace scene, when the two combatants of Liam Neeson and the Phantom were waiting for the slide doors to reopen mid-battle. Artur was sizing up the opposition and yet Negredo was far from a worthy adversary on Saturday.

Boruc looks very much at home in a Bournemouth shirt and to get another clean sheet is something that will please him. It's nine clean sheets this season which is two up on what was achieved in 2015-16 for the team. That may seem strange considering that the side has let in 49 goals this season, but they could well still keep below the 67 goals that went in during the last campaign, if they can get to double figures in the clean sheets.

Artur is part of the reason why the clean sheets have gone up and when it comes to contract negotiations he has a few things in his favour. Anyone feel that Boruc should be among the contenders for player of the season? I'd say he should be right up there with his man of the month awards and his great saves.

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  1. Think its time to bring in another keeper as Boruc is not getting any younger..but maybe another year...what we have to do and this sounds simpler than it sounds and that is to keep the goal scoring intact and try and keep the goals conceded down and this would propel us into a top eight position....

    For new signings..to put away..there is a young kid at Barnet called Jack Taylor who is about 18 and people say he is destined for much bigger things....lets sign him and loan him out ...

    We have to think about older players being phased out and we have a number over 30 and this may be the time to bring in the ones who have not played this season..Lewis Cook who looks like he should be a regular..Mousset...but its difficult to break the Afobe/KIng partnership/ Cargill..its time to find out if he is a premiership player..what do we do about Ibe I know not.....£15m is a great deal of money ..how about putting him out on loan next season...surely Fraser must me first choice.....

    Its the defence that needs strenghtening....we won't be the only team after Ake....I am assuming Wilson will not come back (Marc)