Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Things are looking up for the Cherries

For once it is possible to look at the Premier League table with two fully open eyes and not a squint. AFCB have marched up the table after the win against Middlesbrough and the match against Sunderland would seem to open another door of opportunity to get into the top half of the table.
The Cherries are starting to look more comfortable in the Premier league.
Eddie Howe is very focussed on a top half finish, but the remaining matches will be tough as usual and even playing a team like Sunderland is not a given win. The closeness of the teams in terms of points below the ninth position is not something that should cause concern for the Cherries, rather a real chance to finish higher than teams that might not expect to be in a real race now to the end of the season to get a more respectable finish place.

AFCB can now pick their target and not just finishing with more points than last season's 42 points but to finish ahead of teams like West Ham, Leicester and may be even Stoke City - the perennial mid-table clubs. AFCB still have to play Stoke City at home as well as Leicester City away, so there is a very big opportunity to pick up the points to push themselves higher still.

While many teams don't find great incentive to be going all out to beat teams when they have crossed the 40 point line, I don't see AFCB falling into that category. They are still relatively new to the league and the need to carry on achievements is what will drive the club forward. AFCB are one of the teams that have not really fixed whether they have had a good or average season so far, as it remains very much in the balance. What the placings are also likely to come down to are the goal difference with things being so tight on points, which is why a win like the 4-0 drubbing of Middlesbrough have really put AFCB amongst the challengers for a top half finish now.

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