Friday, 7 April 2017

Can AFCB's run continue?

Playing Chelsea now might not be as daunting a prospect as it would have a few weeks ago. Yes, they are speeding ever closer to the title, but they have not been at their supreme best for a few weeks now, and the Cherries have a taste for springing surprises on teams at the moment. The challenge of getting not only a result, but a win against one of the top three sides is a real possibility for Eddie Howe's men, and the visit of Chelsea comes at a good time for AFCB.
The form of Josh King has been a big factor in AFCB's unbeaten run.
I listened to Simon Francis after the Liverpool game feeling rather disappointed that the Cherries' unbeaten run had not occurred earlier in the season. This would suggest to me that the players now know they are good enough to beat the best, but were perhaps a little more unsure in previous months of where they stood. Now they want to keep the run going and to remain unbeaten after facing Liverpool, Chelsea and Spurs would start to say that the side has certainly progressed from last season. What can't be ignored though is that Jack Wilshere and Jordan Ibe are the only new names to have had a few starts in the Premier League for AFCB and the Cherries are becoming reliant on the older servants of the club.

Saturday's game is a late kick off and no doubt Chelsea will be confident of just rolling over AFCB.  I hope they do start to think that everything is going their way after their win against Man City, as AFCB might just catch them when they think the job is done. Against Liverpool the side constantly referred to the fact that they had a game plan and they will have a slightly different one for Chelsea as the manager eluded to. What is evident is that the players Edie Howe trusts are the players that carry out his instructions and can keep to them on the pitch. There will be difficult moments against Chelsea and the crowd will as usual be able to play its part in rousing the team on.

Recent results will have given the fans belief that the Cherries can now hold their own against Chelsea, and in a way there is more pressure on Chelsea's players who know they are being chased for the title. A slip up at Bournemouth would start see their gap go down to four points if Spurs beat Watford and if AFCB come away with a win it will cause ripples that will be felt all the way to White Hart Lane.

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