Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Intensity brings the best out in AFCB

I was listening to Harry Arter's post-match interview and his comments about Eddie Howe being a little disappointed with the first half performance and the lack of intensity about Bournemouth's game early on. I do think that a faster game with the Cherries using all the energy they have when on the ball is the way the team plays at its best. But it almost needs a trigger for AFCB to find that level in their play, and when they don't they can get picked off.
AFCB will aim to keep the work rate high against Liverpool.
The important thing for me at Southampton was that AFCB stayed in the game for the first 45 minutes. So often we have seen a poor start against our rivals and the game has been done by the first 30 minutes, and by getting that platform Eddie Howe could speak to the lads at half time and get them to pick up some more. The introduction of Jack Wilshere has been very valuable in the past two games, but I feel that he should come back into the side now from the start. AFCB have to hit the big teams with everything they have and can't wait.
If AFCB are to knock Liverpool off their stride it will be by making it into an end-to-end scrap as it was at Dean Court. The Cherries need Liverpool to also attack with intensity and this will give them gaps at the back to get behind Liverpool. It should be a very entertaining game and defences might be found wanting.

AFCB look a much better side when Ryan Fraser is galloping forward without caution and being quick of thought. It is the same with Adam Smith and Charlie Daniels pushing on and whether the spark comes from one instant or not it seems hard for AFCB to play in this way for a full 90 minutes. But intensity and AFCB are a magic combination, and it is what will being the Cherries points against the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea and Spurs.

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