Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Fives games to go - its in Bournemouth's hands

With five fixtures left, there is no time to reflect too deeply on what has happened already. There are 15 points to win and the Cherries probably just need three of them. Should we be worried about that? Well, you'd hope that with three home fixtures against sides not in the top 10 that there was a reasonable chance to pick up some points, and while the side has not won away in 2017 that duck may well go at Sunderland.

AFCB have to hit the accelerator now.
Still Harry Arter points towards the AFCB fans needing to be satisfied and their nerves needing to be eased. Keeping the nerves in check though will depend on how largely on how the Cherries start and play against Middlesbrough. There are many huge game sin a season but this is by far the biggest game for AFCB in 2017 so far. Defeat would be unbearable, even if it did little to assist Middlesbrough's plight. 

So AFCB have to find a positive mentality to go into this game. The fans can help by being positive themselves from the start and encouraging the team. It's been the home support that has really told this season when it comes to collecting points and it's going to be vital that any nerves are quickly kept in order in such an important game.


Bournemouth don't have a bad run-in. Six points from five games would be a reasonable prediction and they could even do better than that. But the points aren't won by predictions and AFCB have to be bold and take the points, rather than hoping others do them a favour. Unlikely results happen and Swansea could well beat Stoke City, while Hull City may well close the gap by beating Watford who are already safe. 

AFCB can put themselves in an uncatchable place, but we have to see the best of them now. This is the time to rally and put the best performance of the season in. Do that and the remaining games will be something the fans can enjoy, and I think the fans are keen to want to praise the players now so let's hope that the Cherries can grab their place for the 2017-18 season on Saturday.

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