Tuesday, 14 November 2017

AFCB are still playing catch up

While The Cherries three points at Newcastle has lifted them out of the bottom three this season, they are still going to have to pick up a few more wins in November to pull themselves a head of what they were achieving at the start of last season.

The good news is that AFCB are level with what they were managing in 2015-16 and they still have three more matches yet to play this month, which is well and good because December has been a month of fantastic results in the last two seasons and AFCB will do well to match those kind of results this time around. Last season AFCB had reached 15 points by December and there is every reason to believe a similar or better total might be reached by this December.
Can the Cherries keep their upward momentum going?
After the draw against Leicester City, I  estimated that the Cherries would need five wins from their next 10 games to get to almost the half way point in the season with a good chance of avoiding being involved in a relegation scrap, and so far they have picked up two more wins from four games and another three wins from six would put them on 19 points from 17 games. Of course, we want AFCB to do even better than that, but 24 points is the best the club has ever had on the board going into January, the lowest was 20 points in 2015-16 and the club stayed up that season. Even with the hard run AFCB have in December, I would expect them to pick up more than a point to go into the New Year n more than 20 points.

So perhaps the poor start is starting to be ironed out and it is not too late for AFCB to not only catch their best finish but surpass it. What AFCB can't expect is any favours from teams above them punishing any of the struggling teams - Watford's penalty miss against Everton still feels like a big blow to the Cherries!

Other news
There's a bit of a dilemma over whether to watch the England or Rep Ireland game tonight, but hopefully there will be a Bournemouth player in both games.

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  1. Very hard to make straight comparisons due to the specific teams we have met so far. Comparing results from this seasons games with like for like ones from 2016-17 shows we are doing well.