Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Are Burnley likely to get best of the rest title?

One look at the table tells you all you need to know about how Burnley are shaping up. They don't seem at all complacent or out of place in the top 10 and with another win they will be in that top six. It's quite an achievement for the club and it sets down a marker as the best of the rest since Leicester won the title. They may even stay in and around the top six as well, although I fancy Leicester and Southampton to start putting the pressure on them in the table.
Burnley are starting believe they can beat anyone.
Burnley have a special spirit and the knock backs just make them even stronger. They seem quite happy for the world to be against them and they don't care what anyone thinks of them. They are plucky, but more than that they have become a team that plays exceptionally well consistently. Trying to stop them is something that only three teams have done successfully so far and those teams are Arsenal, Man City and WBA. So Bournemouth should know how difficult this game is going to be.
I'd like to think that AFCB could get to where Burnley are at some point, even if it might not this season. Burnley will be knocking on those European places, and to be honest I hope they make it, because the Premier League needs teams to upset the big guns from time to time. The top six is looking exactly how most of us would expect and for the rest there is no easy way to compete with those budgets. But Burnley and Watford are hanging in there at the moment and it should give hope to others like Bournemouth that there is a way to get results in this league, even if you can't afford the likes of Pogba and Aguero for example.

In away, Burnley are there now to try and knock down. AFCB will be one of many teams trying to catch the likes of Burnley, but an eight point gap at this stage of the season is already a big one. But these battles are often the best kind of games of the season because  Burnley and Bournemouth are fighting for the same kind of thing - respect and the recognition that they are good Premier League sides. That can only be earned on the pitch and it's hard not to say that outside the top six, Burnley are the real ones setting the standard this season.

Happy Birthday Eddie! 40 is not so bad. 


  1. As a Burnley fan I really enjoyed this article. Thank you for all the positives and for avoiding all the usual negative cliches about Burnley. It would be great to see Bournemouth and Burnley both succeeding amongst the big boys. Here's to a good game tonight.

  2. Yes, I agree. It's nice to see a balanced & unbiased article appreciating the effort that other clubs put in. Some of the 'bigger clubs' are particularly sour on this note, seeming to assume it's their right to be near the top of the table just because they're based in a big city. Notable exception here are Everton, whose fan sites seem to appreciate football no matter who's playing it. Even some 'big clubs' in the Championship try to decry what small clubs achieve- I'm looking at you Leeds Utd!
    Long may Bournemouth, Watford, Burnley etc flourish!!!