Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Begovic is making AFCB harder to beat

There successive clean sheets is something that Eddie Howe and his team should be proud of. It is not a trait that we associate with Bournemouth to get clean sheets and if it does become a stat that continues we can see that it is having a big impact on where the Cherries sit in the league.
Asmir is right on form.
The pundits usually look at the defence and the keeper in rewarding clean sheets and Eddie Howe is right to acknowledge it is a team effort. But you can't deny that Asmir Begovic is not having a big a part in these results as again on Saturday he made a really crucial save when Leroy Fer was taking aim and did just about everything but score because of Begovic.

Making a big target smaller is not seen as a thing of great importance in games, but Begovic is starting to make his goal look smaller. He is a keeper that I think feeds off confidence and is now just beginning to see that he can be good for the team by keeping the boys in games from getting his angles right, and not dallying when an opposition forward has got through with a shooting chance.

It's hard for Begovic to celebrate when he has just made a great save as the moment is usually very quickly gone, because a corner will frequently follow. But I hope that he is getting the recognition he deserves now from his team-mates. It must have been hard for him to win acceptance with Artur Borc having made such a strong contribution to the team in recent seasons and he will have felt like a usurper to some extent, but he has let his performances speak for him now.

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