Thursday, 2 November 2017

AFCB need some shooting prowess

While the Cherries have looked better at the back since the opening two games, the team still lacks that cutting edge in front of goal and it's clearly been a quandary to Eddie Howe why his players are not getting more strikes on goal.
Who is going to step up and get the goals for AFCB?
Benik Afobe is one player who opted out of a shooting opportunity against Chelsea, which was disappointing in a tight first half. The challenge will be taken up by other AFCB strikers now and they have to mean it when they go to strike the ball. The Cherries have not been hitting shots hard into the corners frequently enough. It is always great to have a near open goal but at times the Cherries need to have a go from distance and just see if they get a deflection or simply get lucky. But we have not seen enough players willing to shoot when they have a yard on their opponent.

Eddie Howe always talks about making the right decision when in the last third and overplaying has been a cause of some of the frustration. Bournemouth certainly need to make Rob Elliot in Newcastle's goal have plenty to do, but that will mean getting to Newcastle's back four and hounding them into mistakes. AFCB have to want it more and push to get any advantage they can.
I think there has been a mentality of it will just happen. The chance will fall to someone and not enough forcing of the issue. AFCB did not get to Courtois until added time in the last game when Steve Cook hit his shot right at the keeper. It was almost the desperation of knowing that defeat was only a moment away that stirred the players to just go for it. Cautious doesn't suit Bournemouth yet as they are not Man Utd and nor should they be. The Cherries have to play with prowess and appetite for goals and only when they truly find that will AFCB start to get the points they need.

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