Friday, 24 November 2017

Are Swansea in more trouble than last season?

Bournemouth visit Swansea City at a time when home wins are proving very difficult for Paul Clement's side. It was over a month ago that they beat Huddersfield 2-0 at the Liberty. But while the international break has interfered with what momentum Swansea fans might have hoped, Swansea have not been beaten heavily in recent weeks and they have a super prospect in Tammy Abrahams who could a player that becomes increasingly important to Swansea's season.

Swansea have had terrible form but are they about to improve?

Having been in the lower reaches of the league last season, one expects that Swansea should be less panicked than most teams to find themselves in a similar position. Paul Clement is a year wiser about what is needed to avoid a last minute relegation battle, but is he already feeling the pressure of facing another tough season. Many of the Swans players have been admired by opposition teams but to sell their star players and not expect to be in a relegation battle was perhaps hoping for too much. But Swansea have shown that they can defend well as they did at Wembley against Spurs. So why do they concede too regularly at home?

We may find out more with Bournemouth's visit to the Liberty. Their last home game against Brighton was a low point in that Swansea couldn't lift themselves when they went behind and I wonder if the togetherness is still not there for Paul Clement's side. "If we perform at that level, you can't expect to win a game," aid Clement in his post-match interview.

It may be too much to see Tammy Abrahams carry the team at this stage in his career, but Swansea need some characters and leaders. That is what I think they have lost with the sales of Williams, Sigurdsson and Llorente. They were big players that others looked up to and when something goes wrong now, I don't see an inspirational figure. The captain has also changed in the last few days with Leon Britton taking a player/assistant role and Angel Rangel taking on the captain's role, as reported by SkySports. Rangel will have to learn fast. 

The problem is for Swansea is that they won' be able to bring in more big characters until January and even then will their owners dig deep into their pockets? Probably not which may mean that yes, Swansea are in more trouble this season.

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