Monday, 27 November 2017

Did Howe change his mind about subs at Swansea?

It was not quite the game that AFCB fans would have hoped for at the Liberty stadium. Bournemouth did well enough to get a point, but they could not get a real grip on the game and Swansea had the better second half. In recent games it has been the Cherries that have been stronger as the game has gone on and there may well be bit of concern if the chances are not higher in number against Burnley. But arguably Howe did not want to risk what he had at Swansea and a point was adequate reward as time began to run out.
Eddie over cautious in his late substitutions?
The problem with AFCB's attacking play was not that they did not failed to have a real go at Swansea with five shots on target but none of the shots were hit with the accuracy or power to give Fabianski a real challenge. Swansea were comfortable for large parts of the game and the concern is that when AFCB scored plenty of goals against Huddersfield, it was the goals from set plays that opened the match up and Bournemouth did not get close to scoring from a corner or free kick in this game, despite the Cherries winning 17 free kicks compared with Swansea' five. That put more pressure on creating from open play and while Josh King had a busy match, it was only when Gosling came into the game late on that there was real impetus at trying to get forward in numbers. 

We might wonder why Eddie Howe was quite late in making changes to the team in the second half. It was not that Bournemouth were dominating the game and a change was going to be a big risk, but we had to wait until the 79th minute before a change was made. Gosling was the player that drove forward though in the last few moments of the game and it's a wonder why he was not given more game time. Even, then it would have been more encouraging to see Ryan Fraser have a run at Swansea.

A point was at stake though and while AFCB gambled successfully at Newcastle it might have been tempting fate to push too many up in the last few minutes against Swansea. The need for three points was more evident against Newcastle, and now that AFCB are in a slightly safer position there could be an element in Howe's thinking that he does not have to risk as much at the moment. While AFCB set out for a win, with 10 minutes to go it was more a matter of making sure AFCB kept the point they had.

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