Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Arter picked his spot well

The sheer jubilation that Harry Arter felt in his goal against Huddersfield was surely a release after his painful World Cup qualifier disappointment with the Republic of Ireland. He may not have been at his best against Huddersfield, but when his moment came to score he was like a player that had everything to prove in taking his anger out in the right way, dispossessing Scott Malone in front of the b,ox and thinking calmly to create space and put his shot away in such style.

Arter's finish against Huddersfield was classy.
Having seen Harry play for a number of years it is no surprise that he can play like this when he has a clear vision of what he wants to do. The season has not been great for Harry so far, but the goal against Huddersfield could certainly be a turning point for him. It seems that Harry thrives on being knocked down and he has had more knocks than anyone else I think in Eddie's squad.

He deserves to enjoy his Premier League status and get appreciation back from the fans. The rise of Lewis Cook has in some ways taken a bit of that gloss away from Harry to my mind, and yet the way he celebrated his goal in front of the north stand restored things at least in Harry's mind that he was AFC Bournemouth and has never gone away - he's right here and wanting to do his best for the team.

I know we are going to see some of our old favourites slowly replaced in the starting 11 and while it is great that there is now more competition, but I just want to enjoy the moments when players like Arter relish their goals. These players should mean so much to us all as they have put the club where it is now and they have not lost any of their desire to be part of the action. Arter did not only pick his spot well in making his finish clinical, he picked his spot of where to celebrate with the fans and gave it all he had with the fist pump. Let's see some more of that Harry! 

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