Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Are Bournemouth better with 10-men?

I was a bit worried about the second half with Huddersfield, after seeing Simon Francis sent off. It was not that I didn't think Bournemouth could manage the game well enough to see it out, but it was possible that they could have come out being overly defensive and I was half expecting one of the strikers to be taken off for another central midfielder, such as Gosling from the 46th minute.
AFCB's ambition stayed teh same even when Simon Francis was sent off.
Pleasingly, Eddie Howe kept King on and just put him in midfield with Adam Smith able to play deeper having already come on for Jordan Ibe. The positive way that Bournemouth approached the second half is what made the score more comfortable in the end. It took Arter until the 70th minute to get that third goal, and before that the second half was a bit of a containment job on Huddersfield, but it was well organised and it did still offer Bournemouth chances on the break.

Begovic did not have much to do in the second half and it shows how much work the team does in training with 10-men against 11. It is not a big deal for this team to have a man sent off, and to score another two goals with the 10 men just underlined how it didn't get to the players that the Francis sending off was going to make a difference.

I am sure Eddie Howe would not like his side to play with 10-men every week. It takes more out of the players and the suspensions don't really help. So while AFCB have a good system for dealing with red cards, they probably don't want to face that regularly. It does suit AFCB though to have teams come on to them when they have a cushion of a few goals. The chips over the top from Arter were well received by King and Wilson when they ran on to forward passes, and when these two strikers have the ability to beat their man it creates loads of space in behind a side that has been pushing up.

The possession did swing very much towards Huddersfield in the second half, but the Terriers only created three shots on target all match. That is testament to the successful way that Bournemouth nullified the threat in that second half with their 10-men.

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