Saturday, 4 November 2017

Can AFCB start November off in the right way?

AFCB travel to Newcastle knowing they will need a win to keep pace with the fellow strugglers in the table. Whatever anyone can say about the reasons why Bournemouth find themselves in this position, the simple fact is they haven't been winning games. Now they have to find the switch that starts them on a travelator of wins.
What a big month for the Cherries.
We might feel that there is not much wrong with the team now. They are conceding on average 1.4 goals a game which is not an insurmountable challenge to enable them to win games if they can score twice. Sadly, though they have scored twice in just two games and it is no surprise then that they have won those two games. But it's not that AFCB haven't had games where they have dominated play. The Leicester match serves as a warning that if they don't put away chances they will lose more ground on the teams above them. Bournemouth played well that day but only got a point.

So what gives Eddie Howe belief that his team can overcome their problems against the teams they face in November? Bournemouth have not turned over any of the big sides and that is something that does concern me. Huddersfield have done it. Burnley have done it. Even Crystal Palace have done it. So if Bournemouth are not picking up points against the very best sides they simply have to beat the teams in the middle and lower half of the league. That is why the pressure is on now with Newcastle, Huddersfield and Swansea lined up in the coming weeks.
If AFCB come out of these games well they can look more positively at the next group of game,s but what I want to see is a team that isn't swapping and changing. AFCB need a more settled and assured side. That is why this first game is so important as a win would keep the side unchanged for the next game or two. AFCB need some direction and belief, which comes with winning.

If you are travelling up to Newcastle like me, safe journey and enjoy the game. It's a long way but the team really needs that support now, see you there. UTCIAD! 

Possible AFCB line up
AFCB Subs:  Boruc (GK), S Cook (CD), Gosling (CM),
Arter (CM), Pugh (LM), Mousset (FW),
Defoe (FW)

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