Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A big thank you to Mr Mitchell

I know Eddie Mitchell is not every body's cup of tea and he has made a few mistakes along the way but thanks to his desire and drive it is AFC that have secured automatic promotion and there are many other clubs in League One that would have liked to achieve that.

Look around the ground now and you will see what improvements have been made in the last four or five years at Dean Court. You cannot say that Eddie Mitchell has not got ambition for this club and while he has had to make some tough decisions that have not often been popular, he has done it for what he considers the best interests of the club.

Whether it was his or his wife's decision to go and get Eddie Howe and Jason Tindall back I don't know but I am jolly glad he picked up the phone and got his man. His influence and friendship with Mr Maxim Demin has also brought wealth and opportunity to the club, plus some great signings - not to mention the car park!

We are all probably pleased that Eddie Mitchell has stayed away from the microphone a little more this season but I think we can allow him to say some triumphant words after his stunning success in pushing this club in the right direction.

I am one of those who never want to go down the road to watch Southampton play football and I don't think Mr Mitchell wants any of you to either.

Let's hope we get some SKY coverage next season as well. We need to bring in the bucks to compete with the big teams we will be facing next season.


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