Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Trophies, bus tours and fans

It is quite possible that the order of the headline for this article is the wrong way round and certain people should be thinking about core fans first at AFCB rather than last. I am referring to the Sunday Bus Tour in the main, which is not well timed when many loyal AFCB followers are staying up in Chester or Tranmere after Saturday's game and now have the problem of trying to see how they can get back in time to see the team and the League One trophy (hopefully) preseneted in Bournemouth.

It is clearly a problem for the authorities In Bournemouth to have events scheduled for the Bank Holiday weekend. It would seem that now the weather has improved and tourists are likely to flock to Bournemouth to see some sunshine, football celebrations are not welcome.

I also understand that Merseyside Police do not want to see any potential for crowd trouble at Tranmere's ground and would rather not let AFCB celebrate a possible Champion celebration there on Saturday. No doubt the cost of the extra police is something Tranmere Rovers are not keen on anyway.

But you have to say it is not particularly a favourable way to reward many core fans who booked their tickets weeks ago to follow the Cherries in the last game of the season. I know of many who have booked accommodation in Chester overnight and who now have to think about scrapping that idea to return to the south coast on Saturday night.

Success can be troublesome at times.

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